Our visit today will take us to the Garraf Buddhist Monastery, Sakya Tashi Ling, this Buddhist Monastery is located in the municipality of Olivella, located in the Garraf Natural Park. To get there we will have to do it by car, since Olivella is a long way away. After leaving […]

Visit to the Buddhist temple of Garraf. How to go ...

From an emblematic mountain for the Basques, where we spent the night with several vans, we started our route to Hondarribia enjoying a spectacular view from the top of Mount Jaizkibel. It does not cost much to think about what should be the reason why in the early hours of […]

Things to see in Hondarribia

A mandatory excursion for someone who visits the Basque Country with a little peace of mind is to climb to one of its mythical peaks. Today I used to go up to the mythical Mount Txindoki that we had heard so many times in the program of Roge Blasco of […]

Hiking on Mount Txindoki, one of the emblems of the ...

Our stage today, the hardest to date, will take us at least to the Gran del Pessó, and if we have strength, to the nearest peak, to Tuc del Garants (2799 meters). To start the route we will take our vehicle and take the Sky Boi-Taull station, once past Pla […]

Hiking in Pyrenees. Climbing estany del Pessó y al Tuc ...

Our first hiking route in Aigüestortes we will start at the municipal taxi station of Boí, which is located next to the Church, where for 5.25 € per person and trip we will go to the Planell de Aigüestortes, located approximately 1,800 meters high. During the trip by taxi, leave […]

Hiking in Pyrenees. Planell de Aiguestortes

Our next hiking trail in the Aigüestortes National Park will be quite harder than the previous one, but in short, nothing reserved for himalayists. The first thing we do is take the car and, once we pass Caldés de Boí, we follow the indication that takes us to the dam […]

Hiking in Pyrenees. Marmota route. From Caballers to Ventosa ...

Between great routes through the Natural Park of Aigüestortes always comes to leave some day to recover a little. Today we will visit the part of the camí de l’aigua that will take us from Barruera to Boí. It must be said that following this road we can reach Caldes […]

Hiking in Pyrenees. Vall de Boi. From Barruera to Boi

Our next stage in Euskadi takes us today to one of the essential points in the Basque coast, we speak of the locality of Zumaia. We start our route to the edge of the estuary, in the other part we have the shipyards of Zumaia in which we find it […]

Things to see in Zumaia

Our second stop in Euskadi will be in a well-liked place for the Alaveses, the salt flats of Añana. Although they are located in a place relatively close to Vitoria, when arriving here we appreciate a somewhat different atmosphere to that of the city, I mean that it is a […]

Visit to the Salinas de Añana

Vinaroz is the northernmost city of the Valencian Community, its municipal term begins in the southern part of the river Senia that separates both communities. Vinaroz is one of the most visited tourist spots of the Valencian Community, one of the reasons is because in that locality is celebrated its […]

Things to see in Vinaroz

Our next destination in our exploration of the Basque coast will be the population of Lekeitio. Lekeitio is a town halfway between San Sebastian and Bilbao, I suppose this will help make it a very popular destination among the Basques. Because we have a van that is not easy to […]

Things to see in Lekeitio

Turning off a little of the coast in our route along the Costa Brava, we arrive at one of the indispensable places to which every visitor that comes here has to go. It is one of the most loved and visited places of Catalan geography, the medieval town of Pals. […]

Things to see in Pals. Visit Pals

Our tour of the Basque coast for today in Deba, a small town located halfway between Bilbao and San Sebastian. Driving along the road that is closest to the coast, by a few cliffs we come to a closed curve in which we have a small viewpoint, from that point, […]

Things to see in Deba. Visit Deba

Our tour of the Basque coast would not make sense if we did not visit Bermeo, a town although much bigger than the ones we have spoken about in the previous entrances, it has many things to see and do. Coming from San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, on a hill before […]

Things to see in Bermeo. Visit Bermeo

Following our route through the Bay of Biscay, halfway between Bilbao and Donosti, we find the popular town of Zarauz, well known, among other things, for its gastronomy, in it are well-known restaurants of internationally renowned chefs. Apart from that, in Zarauz we find the biggest sand beach in Euskadi. […]

Things to see in Zarauz. One of the best beaches ...